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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install the code on my website?
A: You will need to be able to access the design or edit features of your site. Just like any other element you have added, decide the best location for your prayer wall. Preferably a page of its own so there is plenty of space for all the prayer requests and praises that will be posted. The code is meant to be copied and pasted right in.

Q: Why doesn't the wall fit right, too big, too small, can't see all the text.
A: After you have logged in with the administrator email and password that you used to request your code, you will automatically be directed to the manage prayer wall area. From here you will see the three gray buttons at the top right corner of the page. Find the button "Customize Prayer Wall". Select this button and a pop up window will appear. This is the place where you can really customize the features of the tool. Scroll down to the Custom CSS box. Copy and paste this code into the box {width:700px !important}. Now you change the width to fit your parameters. If the wall is too big try changing the 700 to 500 and if it is too small, try 900. Don't forget to save your settings. You may have to do this a few times to get it just right.

Q: How do I know when a prayer request is entered?
A: Each time a prayer request is made the administrator will receive an email notification. All the requests have to be approved by the administrator before it goes on the public wall and seen by anyone.

Q: How do I change the email address of the administrator?
A: The email address can be changed in the customize settings but the administrator has to be logged in to do this. In the rare case that your administrator is no longer available and you can't access the account please email us to reset the email and password on your behalf. support@unitedinprayer.org

Q: Do we have to have Facebook integration?
A: Nope, it's up to you. There are two aspects of Facebook, the first is for the user to sign in and the other is if you want to connect the prayer wall to the church/organizations Facebook page. The user does not have to sign in using their Facebook account but you can also turn off the feature all together. Select Customize Prayer Wall button, scroll down to find the Enable Facebook Integration box and uncheck it. If do want to sync the prayer wall to your churches Facebook page leave the Prayer Wall Facebook Page ID blank otherwise, place the short url from your Facebook page here. (ie: if your FB page is found under https://www.facebook.com/unitedinprayer.org the short url is unitedinprayer.org)

Q: What if I don't approve of the prayer content?
A: Each time a prayer request is made you will receive an email notification. All the requests have to be approved by the administrator before it goes on the public wall and seen by anyone. In the email notification will be the prayer content so if you find the request questionable just send a reply to the user and let them know why it can't be published then they can edit the prayer for more suitable content. You will receive an updated email notification once the edit is complete, click on the link and it will take you the edited version of the prayer to then publish.

Q: Why doesn't my wall look like the UnitedInPrayer.org site?
A: Only the prayer wall itself is what you will use. We just added some snazzy graphics of our own but the features are all the same.

Q: What are those other prayer walls for?
A: You can select other walls when posting your prayer request so that other Christian believers are also praying with you. The request will also go to their wall where their administrator will have to approve it before it is published to their wall. This is a quick way to get a prayer chain started. No emails are ever visible on the posted request so don't worry about someone else contacting you.

Q: Can I invite other churches, prayer groups or individuals to join my wall or start their own wall?
A: Yes you can. At the top of the prayer wall you will see a button that says invite. Just select and fill out the necessary info. The administrator can also edit the text of the invites. Select the Customize Wall Settings, scroll down and find the Invite Email Friends and Invite Facebook Friends text boxes. Here you can edit text but we don't recommend changing any of the embedded links otherwise who knows where the recipient will end up. These links are unique to your wall.

Q: How do I sign up for my own prayer journal and do I need one just to post a prayer request?
A: First, you do not need a journal just to post a prayer request however, if you want to access the prayer again to update it to an answered prayer you won't be able to without having created a prayer journal. We recommend creating a journal so others can pray with you and see how God is responding to those prayers. You create a journal by using the "sign up" button and filling out the form. If you just want to post a onetime prayer use the "post your prayer request" button and fill out the form from there.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: In the lower right hand corner of the log in box there is a link you can select to retrieve a password.

Q: What is a prayer feed and how can I get it?
A: A prayer feed is like a news feed. It is a subscription to another prayer wall. You can find it in your prayer journal along the vertical windows. One of these is entitled Latest Prayers and has a subscription button. There you can select as many as you'd like to start receiving their prayer feed.

Q: How do I put the "prayer of the day" and the "praise of the day" vertical windows on my wall and how do I use them?
A: In your customize wall settings scroll down to the bottom and find the boxes indicated for these features, check either one or both and save. When the administrator posts a prayer, he/she can select the box at the bottom labeled "prayer of the day" and when the prayer is published it will populate the vertical "prayer of the day" window. When God has answered a prayer, YAY, you can post it to the "praise of the day" window. After a prayer request has been created and posted to the wall that user who created the prayer request or the administrator can edit the prayer and select the "my prayer has been answered". The administrator will receive an email notification and you can easily find the answered prayer by selecting the email link or using the filter by category drop down menu at the top of your wall. The admin will select the prayer then edit. You will select the "praise of the day" box at the bottom and don't forget to update. Once the admin has updated, the prayer will become the "praise of the day".